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just a moody writer

  نشر في 30 أكتوبر 2020 .

I wish that one day i can carry on , just carry on without stopping or having any problems just one step before the end , every thing arround is making me going to the edge , nothing or no one is on my side , In each time i encourage my self by saying that i can do it , and that the last time was really the last , i be surprised with an issue from somewhere there , i don't know why in each time i start in believing that i gonna get my happy end , i find that i'm wrong , and i have not this right , aren't i a human or what ! like i don't have feelings or even a heart , like i don't left my pillow wet in each time i act in that i'm asleep ! why no one treat me as a person , is it my own mistake or all is about the people i interact with, every time i have a real tricky moments to go out from the sad mood ,but no one feel this, 'cause i'm the only one who had the injuries and the only stupid who was obliged to spent a lot of black nights to treat  each wound by his  self , and taking care that he has no  scars , u know i be tired to a lot of time , but  don't accept that any creature see me broken "YES bro ! that's one of the important basics for the wounded people " ya ! we had a bad times but we still have a lot of dignity , , so i just wish a happy life  for every one   knew the life's pain .

                                                    *too moody *   

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   نشر في 30 أكتوبر 2020 .


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