Just Waiting....By: Eman Fayed - مقال كلاود
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Just Waiting....By: Eman Fayed

  نشر في 13 ديسمبر 2019 .

I think that Man can't feel strange by surroundings only ..

he feels when he lose something that can't be compensated by another ...

something irreplacable by time , place or people....so can't be found ever.....

I just want this stage to end ..

I need to say goodbye to old things.. places .. people..even homeland ..and old memorials...

I think the most proper solution is to go away from every thing...

I wish that this will occurs soon ..

In another place...where I can restart my life ..with another circumstances .. and forget ....

It is a matter of time .. and time changes us alot without our will..

So may every thing changes later.. so I could love winter more ..and hate night....

I Just let it Go .. and I am sure that everything will be OK.........

By Me: Eman Fayed

Friday .. 13 December 2019

  • Eman Fayed
    5Th Year Medical Student..Faculty Of Medicine ..Tanta University..Egypt writtting..reading❤️❤️ Article Writter..veto gate..
   نشر في 13 ديسمبر 2019 .


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