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that's what i think

so don't try to change it ,please

  نشر في 29 يناير 2020  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .

i never understood why i still in a good situation for a long period then suddenly i become so sad ;i can't describe my feelings;  like i'm an alien ! ;i can't tell any one what happens with me ;i just start  in being angry all the  time ,so nervous, and  liking the silence; not really but; i hate talking a lot with people; they disturb me; they make me worst ;so i like listening to a  music; with a high level; like i'm doing now ,or writing because i see that it's one of the best solutions  , yes! because if i don't ; i will become more wounded ;and i don't want this ,i never like this moments; when i hate in them my self ;my life, the world and every thing, i hate when i wish that i die; when i wish that i can suicide ; when  my  dream become to have a shotgun  and  use it to finish my pain , i really hate this moments ; and i hope  that they don't still us a part of my memories ,i abhor  the idea of living the rest of my life with a broken heart without having any thing to do   ,i dislike that others  look at me like i am some one weak looking  for  their help , damn them ! ; i am sure that one day they will be a reason for my loss , they will be  the  cause why i fall down ; so i really hate them with their world 

i wish that i stop hurting my self , and taking care about others , that  i become like them; a devil never think about the others feelings  ,i hope they still far from me , that i don't meet any one of this twisters , that i forget all of them , but never forgive  ! because i don 't love any one ; all what happen in my past i will forget it , and i will throw any one away from my life if i see that he has the same effect  ,like the last ones ;

so my last hope will be that  in future i can know the truth of everyone ;before i leave him  in , that i can know the real from the fake 

i wish the bad luck for all my haters and this people who injure me a lot;i hope that they meet a deceivers like them , and that they live what they leave me live it , and   i'm completley broken pained and injured ,so i wish the worst moments and life for you and that i can see you crying and broken to a lot of pieces and no one help you  ,that you will be hurted ; because you are a devils ;and that's what you deserve ;

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   نشر في 29 يناير 2020  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .


المسافر منذ 3 سنة
There we go! words of your heart and I quite understand them, but the mind is the most powerful thing in the world. Also I noticed a great talent which is precious . please don’t waste it . just move on and only dream can do that. Gd Bless you
tanks a lot ! ur words r great !
Dallash منذ 3 سنة
The issue of a negative perception of things always leads to nothing.
سارة منذ 4 سنة
Well there are some spelling mistakes check them ,for the idea am not gonna tell ya to change your way of thinking couse you seem young so with time all these feelings are going to fade away as an advice keep writing and appreciate your existence more Good luck
وداد منذ 4 سنة
i write it to fill better , so for any one read it i wish that you give me your opinion in my article and some advice to make it better , and if there is an errors i will have the pleasure to know about them ;and thank you

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