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The international law classified the blood

By : Latifa CHAOUKI

  نشر في 12 أبريل 2022  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .

Always they cracked our heads by the laws and charters International and about necessity Relevance international Law And the law inner countries, Until they made sovereignty international law claimed to commit and the app when its difference With laws interior, refuted Constitutions on that and his glory and his line at Exports, and fought Privacy religious ideological and identity cultural for some Countries under the pretext It to break and overtake the international  law . then obliged organisation Nations United and board Security and the body International rights human and other Organizations International Countries Members with their charters and imposed its penalties and raised its reports court justice International and the court criminal International When attached It's about weak countries Without Countries Great like the states United American Russia And China.

from Through Events Last Which live it the East middle from the spring Arabi Until right Now clear clearly that Law international regardless on his reference Western which did not respect Which Privacy for countries Arabia and Islamic, may be mocked for service Interests the West humanity and economic and political and injection their blood and protection their rights Without rights Remainder Countries Members, Yesterday shed blood Syrian Arab Republic and Yemen and Libya and others And today it is shining blood Palestine without any minimum international intervention, so what It was from This is amazing Organizations but drumming and denounce with statements informative no singing Nor fattening from hunger, statements cold and exhaust is not from she will injection blood Palestinians innocent Nor re their rights Nor reconstruction their homes, on which basis classifies law international blood Palestine Without Remainder blood, And is it? no bad for blood that He is from their faction in order to interfere Law international internationalist? Do you must for blood that He is blood Western purely or from family Jewish rich for youinterfere board Security body rights The human and UNICEF and UNESCO and others from organizations? Alice from Specialties board Security save Security and peace international and intervene emergency and impose Penalties on the parties, How? to intervene board Security today at Gaza to stop Israel on her crimes against civilians and against humanity as General ?

What Shop Advertising international rights The human the historian year1948from violations that Talk at Palestine from party entity Zionist? where embodied right in life and the right to Security and right in save safety physical And the advertised psychological at seasons3,5,7,9from Convention of what suffers men And Children and women Palestine ? where incarnate right belief practice rites religious Advertiser about him at the classroom18from agreement Than It happened at The mosque max who hit and abuse Intimidating and preventing the worshipers in repentance Through Month Ramadan?

What Shop Geneva Conventions before Date1949own protect the wounded and sick and drowned And captured fighters, as well as the agreement concerned by civilians for a year1949Which set protection legal enjoy with everyone no belongs to me forces armed or groups armed Through Wars included protection Moreover property Civil, came Approval The two protocols the additional to me agreement Geneva at1977to confirm Later This is amazing protection, where Guarantee rights Palestinian civilians insulation from This is amazing Convention?

What fate blood Palestinians today from text of the law international humane Which states on that civilians Realists under control forces hostile He should that treat treatment humanity at all Circumstances, and without Which discrimination harmful and must protect them against all shapes violence and treatment humiliating what In which the kill Torture and they are entitled to Moreover at case their trial submission to try fair Provides for them all guarantees Judicial Basic, where rights detainees and the protesters from youth"Al-Jarrah neighborhood"in Jerusalem the rest detainees Without Guide Or an argument from the conditions This is amazing trial fair?

The convention denounced the protection of individuals Whose trying to help civilians, especially Individuals units medical and organizations humanity or bodies relief Which Provides supplies the basic Like food and clothes and supplies medical, is requested by the parties warring Allow for this organizations access to me what Bezel The credibility of this protection Than exposed to him paramedics Today in the organization Crescent moon the Red Palestinian as well men Ambulance units have Entity bombing Zion roads leading to me Hospitals And shoot them rubbery and gases Al Masila to tears and prevent them from Transfer wounded and the injured yards The mosque Far?

She added agreement that while includes Law international humane all civilians with protection Without Which discrimination, it Regards mentioning groups certain, so It is considered that Women and children and people elderly and sick make up Categories severe Weakness during Disputes armed, as well people Whose fleeing from their homes they become displaced inside their countries or why Missed Law international humane today at Palestine has Houses were bombed the safe was martyred children And women by the dozens, where Law international human when I was martyred family whole did not left Of which but infant his age Months? And when Shelling entity Zionist buildings and schools and orphanages considered as shelters for the Palestinians time the war?

The law prohibits international humane deportation forced on road Practice intimidation or violence or starvation".Did he hear the law? international Call people Neighborhood surgeon Whose they leave from their home forcibly all over means violence and intimidation and intimidation?

Questions a lot We brought up Nor brook But answer one he is that Law international Classified the blood, Yes blood Palestine not from specialization Law international, blood Gaza not from his specialty, family the blood Arabi General not from his specialty, especially if It was Administrator on spilling This is amazing blood entity Zionist like Israel, then It turns out inability This is amazing Organizations and their failure and her weakness premonitory at duty its penalties and obligating states with it, film keep her Before This failure international credibility and no authority international but denunciations cool media.

   نشر في 12 أبريل 2022  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .


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