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German government takes new measures towards Syrian Refugees

  نشر في 10 ديسمبر 2015 .

Former German MP of Syrian origin, "Jamal Karesly" revealed the German authorities plan for the preparation of five centers to receive all the refugees who arrived in Germany. The centers are designed to study refugee situations, and determine whether a refugee will stay in Germany or sent back to the place they came from.

Karersly said that the aid provided to refugees in reception center will be limited; because the German government faces a major crisis due to the public and political pressure.

He explained that the reason for the new German policy toward refugees, comes as a result of Europe’s perception of refugees as a crisis to Europe. In Germany, there are fears that the German far-right could reverse public opinion in the community, so the government begins to re-develop a new policy on the issue of refugees, and the visit of German Chancellor "Merkel" to Turkey during the elections, came because of the enormous public pressure, and this is what will support Turkey's proposal to establish a safe area, as reported by "Karesly".

Jamal Karsli

   نشر في 10 ديسمبر 2015 .


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