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The Noble Joker

  نشر في 19 نونبر 2019 .

The additional playing card, which no body refuses, a wild card. From that comes the term and concept of Joker as a person who makes many jobs, and this became the wider using of the word therefore.

It's dispensable and can be replaced with any other playing cards. Its importance lies in its futility and uselessness, its strength appears in being replaceable.

He was in the same manner living in a narrow world, which replaced him by another person called Arthur, which means in Latin the noble one, from Arturus/ Arthurus.

A narrow world full of weirdness between the child who was spending the night caring for his mother and the man with child's heart which torn apart before he grow up, so his mind stuck in the last time he laughed in childhood.

His body grow up but not his noble mind, which tries everyone seek happiness, happiness which he missed desperately and no longer have a memory of it except his strange laugh.

The beauty of the story lies in that it make all the world knows that there is a noble human in every corner of the world, who gets shocks he mayn't endure for long, and he collapses and stands again with fierceness of a predator beast stimulated by the others in his imagination to becomes in the end another person in reality.

His feel of inner weakness every time he got shocks makes him accepted his friend's offer to carry a weapon to defend himself, the noble man who didn’t got such an idea passed in his mind, found himself impelled to use it to defend himself from a reality doesn't have mercy on the weak, aside from being poor and miserable.

Because he laughs a lot he sorted as a sick man, but the medicines didn't work at all and was useless, so he let taking them, because they didn't work anymore.

How a society makes a noble man a criminal and sick felon, how others make their laughing on whom they think less than them a way for happiness and fun. The noble Arthur didn't recognize that his worn-out notebook didn't make anyone laugh but himself.

Even his greatest ideal Murray franklin, a program broadcaster, didn't sympathize with him and mocked at him describing him as a joker.

His accompanying guilt complex makes him murder everyone offend or harm him, one after another, without the slightest feel of remorse.

In every time he murdered one of them, he would get back home to dance and raise his head declaring a new victory and a new chapter in his life's book.

To get rid of stuck detestable memories and hateful persons still haunting obsession to him. The success of this great movie incarnates and reflects the overwhelming spirit of humanism in people toward each other.

The noble Arthur was laughing and crying and his emotions were mingling on his tired face.

Even the love he searched for, he didn't found at his first affliction he experienced, and he found that everyone he had depended on once a day became all fake and unable to make him happy.

His permanent feeling that he gave others his happiness mad him decided that he deserves it against their wills and whatever it costs him.

We are all covering our faces with some sort of Joker's mask, because every human have evil that can kill his soul firstly, and then makes him kill or hurt others may be by word, unintended deed or even a lie lives with us for a long time, and then we unearth the truth, then mask comes after the other successively, until we get to the end of show when somebody may pay the price because of a word or unintended mocking by person who neglect their humanity and their right to have a good life with dignity, without any right for the offender to exclude them form life's fray just because they are poor or miserable.

Joaquin Phoenix, or as they called him "The noble Arthur" has inter the history of cinema form the main gate by this legendary humanitarian work which gathers all the contradiction together and makes us realizing the fact of smile and the external appearance which surrounded by much more masks.

Finally, smile even when your heart hurts

Even when it's broken

For yourself, smile

Written by Samah

12 November 2019 

   نشر في 19 نونبر 2019 .


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