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!just tell me why

  نشر في 10 أكتوبر 2019 .

i don't know why no one can answer to my question! why no one explain to me what ,happening right now! may be they think that they are helping me ,but this is wrong, because i am not who can live with  lying ,yes .....this is me. i love truth and i can not .live without it

 really i need someone to tell me why i can not live in a hapiness like all people in the world; why when i think that every thing is finished, and that there  is not more of sadness in my life, i find that i am wrong and ther's more and more, i don't know what should i do, but i am sure that i will believe that ther's no hope in this life, and the stupid is who think in  otherwise, because we are big now and we can not believe all what we listen ,and be sure that they lie when they tell you in the first often that the life is beautiful, and it contain a pink dreams which become true , all of this is in your imajination, sorry mum! but now i am sure that this is the worst thing that you ever tell me; i don't know why you do something like this ,may be you think that you are helping me, and may be you think that you will make from me a big dreamer, and may be also you think that when i believe that life is my friend i can live in it easily; but as you see  all your probabilities are false but i forgive you because i know that the life make you  a part of her dirty game 

so think you for no answer

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   نشر في 10 أكتوبر 2019 .


>>>> منذ 5 سنة
je ne peux pas lire ce que tu as écris ma belle et ne pas répondre.
tout simplement, parceque c'est la vie, et ce n'est qu'une vie qui va bientôt finir . Le bonheur ça dépend de nous même, et de personne d'autre. Ce n'est que toi qui peut sentir la joie dans tes larmes, dans tes sourires dans ta force comme dans ta faiblesse, dans ton chemin quoiqu'il soit fatiguant long ou difficile. le bonheur c'est garder la confiance en soi ...et surtout surtout en Dieu.
still believe and smile
merci beaucoup et désolé parce que j 'écris en englais
j'adore tes mots ce sont vraiment magnifiques pour moi
et merci autre foi
Dallash منذ 5 سنة
Life is beautiful and happiness is close if we are satisfied with what God has written for us.Let's stick to reality and stay away from dreams and imagination
..A good article, even in Arabic, would have been nicer
thanks but really i love writing with english but arabic is my original language
Arabic is the language of our Quran, it a rich language in it's vocabulary.
We have to keep the main language in our life.
Thanks sister

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