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Largest out-of-home engagement center in the region opens in Dubai

  نشر في 21 يونيو 2022 .

IFFCO Out of Home (OOH) announces today the official inauguration of its ground-breaking Customer Engagement Center (CEC), the largest of its kind in the region. Located at the Tiffany tower in Dubai, the CEC is a state-of-the-art facility that enables out-of-home businesses in the region to collaborate, create, and directly address market requirements.

The out-of-home segment caters to all restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports and cafes, constituting a large base of the B2B segment. It represents a pivotal building block of the UAE's current and future economy.

Speaking at the launch, Arzu Alibaz, CEO of IFFCO Out of Home remarked “We thank H.E. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, UAE Minister of Economy, and IFFCO’s Supervisory Board for officially inaugurating the Customer Engagement Center, this is a testament to the significance of this pivotal day for us and the out-of-home industry at large. It’s a very proud day for us and we are honoured to launch this center together. We envision this engagement center as a beacon for the out-of-home industry and a dynamic space where chefs can collaborate, restaurants can curate their next menus and hotels can create their next signature delicacies. The possibilities are endless. In working together, we can bring to the market simply better solutions.”

“IFFCO Out of Home Customer Engagement Center is an immersive experience that elegantly showcases our out-of-home capabilities that allow us to truly be change agents for the industry. In working with us, clients in the region can benefit from our deep regional expertise” she added.

Today, global food systems and supply chains are challenged. Industries across the board are undergoing radical transformation. "Today, addressing the needs of what we call the B2B2C segment requires greater agility, greater efficiency and sustainability. Partners need to have a very responsive supply chain in order to reliably deliver the newest services and solutions" added Alibaz. Being a part of UAE-based IFFCO Group, IFFCO OOH has access to 26 different companies in the UAE and a network of 46 different countries offering a vertically integrated supply chain.

The CEC is a 2,300 sqm space, fully equipped with dedicated areas for - hygiene, baking, culinary kitchens and beverages. Nearly all parts of the center are audio visually enabled for live and virtual demonstrations. A full program of culinary and non-culinary masterclasses and invention days are expected in the coming months.

Alibaz closed by welcoming the industry, "Opening the CEC, we believe, is a turning point for the industry. Part of the team are some of the best passionate and knowledgeable regional experts who cannot wait to create, own new trends, and innovate by application. We welcome our clients and colleagues, in the region and beyond, to discover the latest trends in out-of-home solutions."

   نشر في 21 يونيو 2022 .


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