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  نشر في 08 ديسمبر 2020  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2020 .


An extreme case with his eyes and close !!! .. A high state is

the same as a low state, between positive and negative. I rotate with the clock hands up and down ... so thank you, I have a case and cried ... crying bitterly ... he is himself above and he is himself Down at the same time, he said to me: I am torn between the two cases .. I told him: / How are they two cases? It is one case, that he .. you only.. He told me this is what bother me and this is what bother me ... I am as if I am not !!!! Do I do all the tasks at once and at the same time? !!!! This strange thing may not be believed by anyone ... and I sat thinking about a long tragedy. ... this poor, tired person ... would like to know where he is? Where exactly is stable ??? Up, down, positive, negative, how do both of them be the same ... When you split into two or two halves And both of them will be you ... and not another and you are together ... Rather, both are one and the same ... !! .. thoughts swirled and raged in my head as I thought .. the words dried up in my throat before I uttered them and stuttered and confused the letters above my lips ... and I wondered what he meant by his words? ?? !!! Is it the true one, who if scattered and scattered, every part of it will be the same as this one true and not multiple parts of one last second, third or other .. No ... No, but only the one itself and nothing else ... so my mind answered me with a clear and sound logic ... But she danced Feelings and feelings in my heart A brutal gypsy dance trying to discredit me and attacking me with her sword, saying: What do you realize is that it is only one entity that is itself in the same state and not two or two .. (Perhaps he means another) No ... No ... Rather, it is only one, I mean only one. .I mean only one entity in all cases and at the same time ... so I resisted her sword which she tries to wrap it in my chest arousing suspicion .. ..haha ..You laugh at me sarcastically ??? What was my awareness ... I stood in her face with those wild, strange feelings and took the sword of doubt with which she was fighting me from her hand and sheathed the sword in her guts until her blood flowed under my feet ... and I killed her ... Yes, I killed her ... I mean those feelings or this suspicion. I killed him before he killed me His blood flowed under my feet as I looked at him in silence and defiance ... I would not let you, feelings, doubt, and you win over us. .I am the winner before you in this battle. .you both know that I do not like defeat well, and I did not get used to it ... I rushed to you, O Logic and reason, and I just ran to you ... I believe you ... you only believe in the absolute truth ... I have explained, explained, explained, and asked for a response, hoping for me to understand you ... before our night was miserable ... I responded to you and believed your knowledge .. He must be himself one true .. I mean, I only exist in both cases ... that science does not lie, does not compliment, or hypocrisy. That is why you, logic, say the truth, do not lie .. you are only talking about me ... Do not deceive me ,,, you do not know Lying is always like this, science is always clear, as the light of the sun is shining ... and if science speaks, all people will be silent ... rather they are silent ... so I will trust you. O logic .. then I will be the live dead cat. .and the rising and setting sun !! and I am the dark light .. !!! And I am rotating clockwise and counterclockwise !!! And all this and that at the same time and the same moment .. I am the extraordinary woman! .. I always break the rule ... But one thing reassures me is that you, logic, you, O mind and science, do not lie .. and you are real and I have to believe ... and I went to reassure me to put his hand on his back, which was scratched by bewilderment with its teeth and by the pain with his claws .. I went to him to be I am the healing balm for his wounds. .and I touch it with my hands in thousands and many times ... and a delicacy ... and with the touch of my fingers penetrates his tired body which is above and below at the same time and at the same moment .. he feels With my fingers, I felt it gently and softly, and bandaged the painful surgery and treated it with his tender touches, until he calmed down and settled ... I felt him relaxing between the touches of my fingers lying like a pet cat and sleeping on the pillow of my hand while he was cushioning it calmly and comfortably .. He calmed his mind when the good news shone upon him with happiness as I bored him The good news .. you are not two, but one entity .. only one case (waaaaaaaaa only one not the other other) and no other and there is no other ... Poor you (electron) you are torturing like my beloved Poor my beloved baby ... You electron sleep now For the first time in your life, I am feeling between my fingers to calm down from the spin, even a little ... But the question remains ?????? is this real ? Oh, the electron that is rotating at the same moment in opposite directions .. !! Is my statement honest to you ... I wonder ... can reason and logic lie, or is it always true ????? The answer remains pending until another day ... ?????? Or perhaps a message clarifying and defining the intended



Written by/Manal Khalil

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   نشر في 08 ديسمبر 2020  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2020 .


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