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  نشر في 11 ماي 2023 .

I had a really tough weeks I just realized that I spent last 20 days with exams ,stress and anxiety.

20 days is too much it's really weird that I didn't feel the time passing!

I know Istarted after first day of Eid but I didn't know it was 20 days ago !

I put all of my efforts and energy on it I never worked as hard aa I did for this one i was totally far away from earth this period

I remember one of the days when I was at third stage and I had analysis exam woth Dr farhad I came out from the exam and you were sitting on your ordinary place I don't know if you were waiting for me or it was just a coincidence!

But I was too angry and I blew up on you then told you that I will never pass this one and it passed!

Life is super weird

Your answer will be life is not weird you are weird,

I know okay but I need someone or something to put the blame on to be me because this is my nature ! 

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    Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul
   نشر في 11 ماي 2023 .


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