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Media and the intellectual system of terrorist organizations in Syria

Media and terrorism

  نشر في 10 شتنبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2022 .

It should be pointed out that the theories and media studies have provided a lot of jurisprudence on the concept of social media and its circle of influence, including the theory of social marketing, which deals with how to promote the intellectual system embraced by terrorist organizations such as the Shiite militias and ISIS. The emergence of social networks transferred the media to unprecedented horizons, and gave its users great opportunities to influence and move across borders without restriction or censorship except in a relatively limited manner which provided the terrorist organizations with the opportunity to promote their destructive ideas.

The predicament of the phenomenon of terrorism finds that it is of interest to peoples and Governments throughout the world because of its serious implications for the security and stability of States, as it has become clear that we are in front of an organized criminal phenomenon that aims to create a general atmosphere of fear, terror and threats of violence against individuals and property; this dangerous phenomenon is aimed at destabilizing societies, influencing their political situation and striking their national economies by killing innocent people and creating a state of general chaos. In a clear reference to the ability of terrorist organizations to adapt to the media, including social networks and this confirms that the media has become a dangerous weapon in the hands of terrorists, who are able to direct messages that have a direct negative impact on individuals and communities.

It should be noted that the ISIS has terrified the world with its videos about its military operations and executions, in addition to the accompanying propaganda the announced and the padded alike. These visuals have amazed the media and photography professionals because of the professionalism in photography and direction that was similar to Hollywood films and techniques. In addition, ISIS advanced stages as Media body; this has come after the entry of this dark Takfiri organization as a party to the conflict in the Syrian war. It has publishing institutions such as Al-Furqan Foundation, Al-I'tasam Foundation and Agnad Foundation; it has also a radio station called Al-Bayan.

Hence the researcher raises the following question: Who is the creator of ISIS? The answer to this question from the writer's point of view is to find out the factors and reasons that contributed to the formation of an environment conducive to the growth of extremism and the production of extremist organizations; ISIS as a model. One of the reasons and factors that helped to create an encouraging phenomenon are dictatorships. A good example is the dictatorship of Al-Asad, which played a major role in creating and bringing Shiite militias into Syria in 2012. In addition to the military interventions and wars waged by the United States, NATO and Russia in a number of countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

On the other hand, the Shiite terrorist militias which are now in Syria follow the same methods of ISIS; there are 66 Shiite militias from Fatmiyoun, Zinbein, Hezbollah, Afghans and others. Why did they enter Syria and what is their argument? Why do they want to eliminate the revolution of a people that demanded freedom only? Why do they launch sectarian slogans such as the revenge for al-Husayn or Zaynab will not be enslaved twice, knowing that according to the scholars of history there are no sanctuaries for Zaynab in Syria. But their goal is to eliminate the dream of the Syrian people in gaining their freedom, cooperating with ISIS and Al-Asad.

It is worth mentioning here that these militias and with the cooperation of Al-Asad have displaced Syrians from their towns and villages, raped women, massacred children, relying on distorted media and social networking sites full of sectarianism and blind hatred of every Syrian who demanded his freedom and human dignity. The best evidence of their crime is the videos on social networking sites, which have no doubt about the size of their crime and hatred.

Finally, we cannot overlook the role played by the social networks in feeding, supporting or the emergence of violence, terrorism and extremism through the exploitation of these social networks by the terrorists in marketing their purposes and objectives. They also use them to mislead the security services and gain control of public opinion by publishing the news of terrorist operations they carry out. Media campaigns that cover these operations help to achieve and complete their goals, where they consider that media coverage of their crimes is an important criterion for measuring the success of their terrorist act, to the extent that some of them considered the terrorist act, which is not accompanied by media coverage as a failed act.

Hence, the ideological system of ISIS and the Shiite militias supported by Iran and Al-Asad do not believe in human rights, freedoms and the rights of religions, nor do they believe in spreading peace, love and brotherhood among the peoples of the earth. It also contradicts the values of the Islamic religion, which emphasizes the love, peace and dialogue with the other, and respects all religions and beliefs; this is reflected in the Holy Quran and the values and ethics of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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   نشر في 10 شتنبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2022 .


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