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Media and Global Citizenship Values

Citizenship Values

  نشر في 04 أكتوبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .

The Arab region and the world have witnessed successive events and rapid developments that made the process of change inevitable. These events are accompanied by the concern of some Arab societies that fear that these rapid social and political transformations will affect their values, principles, customs, and traditions because of the crises and wars invading the Arab region. There is no doubt that the change in the patterns of human behavior is closely linked to the change in the patterns of values that are considered the most important determinants of its formation. This change is an essential requirement for building a modern state based on the values of modernity; the most important of which are the values of citizenship, democracy, and human rights. These values constitute the main entrance to rebuilding society and guiding it towards its desired goals of freedom, justice, equality, tolerance, and development.

In this context, take a closer look at the Arab reality which has undergone a lot of change in the value system due to the crisis it has suffered for more than seven years. As a result, the Arab citizen began to ask about the ability of media institutions and other means of communication to develop the right values of citizenship, which is crucial in maintaining the unity of the homeland and in strengthening the social fabric. In view of what the Arab arena is witnessing in general, the values of citizenship are among the most important topics that need to be discussed, debated, developed and promoted.

Citizenship, in its broad sense, means the connection between the individual and the State in which they live, and is geographically, historically and culturally linked to it. Respect for law and public order is one of the most important indicators of citizenship, as is the position of guaranteeing individual freedoms, respect for human rights, tolerance, acceptance of the others, freedom of expression and more, regardless of the intellectual premises and philosophical references of this society or that.

The predator of the values of the citizenship finds them among the most important values that represent the social and political food of the individual and make him able to adapt himself to his community. Thus, the values of citizenship are the sets of standards, principles, and ideals related to the real contents of the individual through his interaction with the community, and these values are linked to the political, economic, cultural and social dimensions of the society. These values serve as controls and guidelines for the behavior and function of the individual and help in the development and progress of society. In this context, many values can be included such as freedom, political participation, democracy, membership and the culture of dialogue, tolerance, and others. These values can be considered one of the most important mechanisms through which the concept of freedom is controlled. Individuals and groups can express their views within cultural disciplines and a framework of respect for the opinion of others with the knowledge that the Arab world is full of tyrannical regimes, such as Assad's terrorist regime, which denies the right to express an opinion, the right to political participation, and basic human rights.

As a result, citizenship is the status of the individual who knows his rights and responsibilities towards the society in which he lives, and who actively participates in decision-making, solving problems facing society, and cooperating with others, all while rejecting violence and extremism in expressing opinions. They also should have the ability to collect and use information related to community affairs, to think critically, and to ensure that justice and equality are guaranteed to all individuals without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, creed or religion.

It is worth noting that the crisis that has plagued the Arab reality, specifically the outbreak of war, the refugee situation and the deteriorating economic situation have had a great impact on most aspects of economic, social and cultural life. These events have reflected the cohesion and stability of society and have led to the emergence of trends, values, and patterns of thinking that are incompatible with the nature of Arab society.

In Conclusion, we must acknowledge that the media and communication should assume the greatest responsibility for developing the values of citizenship and must be a present and effective model in the Arab landscape, which is undergoing unprecedented transformations. The media and communication must develop the values of global citizenship among citizens so as to enable individuals to deal positively with the developments that are taking place in the Arab and international arena and benefit from them by devoting the principles and values of true citizenship: political awareness, social justice, respect for law, human rights and participation.

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   نشر في 04 أكتوبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 30 شتنبر 2022 .


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