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The implications of the Syrian revolution on international relations under the new media

Syrian revolution

  نشر في 16 شتنبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2022 .

The Syrian Revolution, whose first spark was launched in Daraa province on 18/3/2011, played a fundamental role in destabilizing the media of the Assad regime and had repercussions on the nature of international relations, diplomacy and foreign policies of the country. This is evident in the use of tools that have become known as the new media in the rebellion against the constants of official media, and the liberalization of large segments of the public from its power.

It is worth noting that the unique synergy between the more liberal traditional media and the newer media technology that the regime of power in Syria has failed to contain, has played a major role in shaping the Syrian revolution generation and its political and societal trends. Hence, it can be emphasized that if the political and social oppression of tyranny and exploitation regimes is the detonator of the revolutions of the people; it is the free and independent media that prepares and accelerates their achievement.

It should be noted that the new media in all its components has an active role in shaping the context of international relations and foreign policies. Which reflects the nature of the relationship between countries in crisis management and control of the components of those crises through the imposition of hegemony and diplomatic force in their policies towards the events that occur in Syria, a good example of this is Russia's dominance of the Syrian situation.

The events of the Syrian revolution are constantly evolving. From this point of view, it is natural for channels to compete with each other in the transfer of "hot" events while adhering to their political line and strategy towards states and regimes. The repercussions of the Syrian revolution on the nature of international relations were reflected through the multiplicity of opinions and trends within the United Nations, and differences in the foreign policies of countries towards the Syrian revolution.

In this context, international relations are reflected in activities, interactions, actions and reactions across borders and between the various countries of the world. They are closely linked to the affairs of human life and have a direct impact on the security and stability of the world. Relations based on principles of cooperation and understanding lead to individual prosperity and the progress of States, in contrast to the relations that are replete with international conflict and based on the policy of "status of power.” The latter exposes the world to the scourge of war and hindering the march of people in the path of progress and prosperity. This is what Russia and Iran are doing as occupation states of Syria.

Finally, the nature of international relations in relation to the Syrian revolution is concentrated in both conflict and cooperation at the same time, due to the fundamental differences between the different countries ideologically, economically, militarily, culturally, and technologically. The nature of these differences creates conflict between States on the one hand, and cooperation among other States on the other.

   نشر في 16 شتنبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 08 ديسمبر 2022 .


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