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  نشر في 03 مارس 2016 .

i asked myself several times about what would happen if i stopped thinking of my future. and the answer was simply: there would be no future for me. and therefore; i learned that the futuristic vision depends on what i want to reach as goals and dreams.

we all need to think about the life map we're walking in , and the manner we're living. because we need to prove ourselves in a world that becomes really .  difficult to say in it " we're here" . then, i said to myself ;how can i reach my objectives before i die? how can i walk to my goal right away and make it a reality? and i remember the proverb that says: " necessity is the mother of invention ".

yes , this is true.. the mankind went to inventions when it needed them. none was  expecting that he could hear the voice of his young kid when travelling miles and miles away. but it became a truth , at last , that when we need we invent.

and i really like to ask these two wh questions ( what and how) because they make me understand the plan i need to put . and get an idea about its dimensions. and , therefore, asking questions is always the key to open the door of success.

i know , life will not stop with my death ; but i'll feel as iam still alive if i make humanity drives benefits from my existence. and make the world a better place for everybody.

  • Ryma
    السّلام عليكم. أنا جزائرية مقيمة باليونان، حائزة على ليسانس في الأدب الانجليزي.عملت مدرسة ثانوي بالجزائر. و أنا كاتبة روايات الآن. أعكف على اعداد ثاني رواية لي. و أبحث عن عمل ككاتبة مقالات أدبية و علميّة براب شهري.
   نشر في 03 مارس 2016 .


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