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  نشر في 18 يناير 2022 .

    There is no doubt that the planning of the key to the success of any activity -elements. Whether this activity at the individual level or the level of institutions. So it is shaping the future of any activity starts from the planning and which comes and in turn, the success or failure of strategic activity, according to the study that is placed through the existing and specialists that activity.  Planning is the process of preparing and implementing appropriate goals through the management of the interaction is completely flexible with the changing circumstances and conditions. Therefore, the planning process, you need a deep understanding of the map of the future and put it in the plans to maximize the check exploit the opportunities. And reduce the impact of adverse changes to the maximum extent possible. In addition to achieving a distinct competitive position fits with the opportunities available. To reach the goal of achieving maximum profitability are possible.  - So the planning is a compass for any future activity on the level of individual or institutional. It also shows the development and assess the current and future competitive mode, which can be up to him activity. Connect it to any process between the past, present and future. Therefore, effective planning shows several properties, includin  • clarity of the plan and the final goal  • enjoy the simplicity and clarity and distance from complications  • Identify a clear and explicit tasks implementers  • appropriate plan for existing conditions and future  • accurately plan data and objectives to enjoy  • situation into account reactions upon execution  • have the flexibility during th implementation period  • participation of all departments from execution in the preparation of the plan  • show and explain details of the plan to those who implemented before starting execution  • continuous monitoring during implementation and continuous performance Rating  • tight timing for implementation and the development of goals and sub  • enjoy the observance of human factor when developing the plan and those who made the implementation process.  - At the level of individuals  The situation is different for individuals Because of different qualities and temperament and levels of educational, social and resume. Each of these differences in ways that directly affect the layout of each individual to his future.  But in general: how an individual to reach a distinct and successful planning for the future in light of the rapid and tremendous progress witnessed by the world?  - If one were to impose that graduates wishing to possession of one of the top jobs in a few years.  Here we find that this individual, other than they have similar goals it to reach its potential, which qualifies him for this position in the future and enjoy a number of personal qualities and qualifications that can be represented generally:  • be characterized by Commander transformational, not traditional  • enjoy a futuristic vision that elevate the organization and individuals  • the ability to manage the transition period who before him  • has a future vision motivational for all  • has the ability to Ali of influencing those around  • enjoys the behavior and practices of a moral replace the trust of others  • enjoyment of emotional intelligence  • Has the power of persuasion  • enjoyment of a database to be reckoned with  • direct contact with the astronauts and the positive Foundation  • enjoy thinking creatively  • management capacity  • enjoy good relations with superiors and subordinates  • ability to supervise and follow-up  • Maintain membership and loyalty of the institution  • enjoyment of tact and decency  • Ability to support team  • The ability to create an integrated work environment and cooperative  • Excellence flexibility and decisiveness  • A good understanding of his duties and his responsibilities and maintain  • ability to make decisions  And as such, we find that the arbitrator planning based on accurate information and good organization of systems on the basis of realistic and guidance to businesses and individuals through the implementation and follow-up and supervision in order to correct deviations in time: to remain objective alone is the right way. 

    Management, marketing and development expert - PhD in Business Administration
   نشر في 18 يناير 2022 .


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